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The Underground ae advanced rebels


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It would be cool if "the Underground" or advanced rebels are permitted to trade in hun that are not for sale for the normaal "rebels", colthing and a bigger variety of armour. this will need rp and not go to a outpost and buy a weapon. Ofcourse the money that is gained with the trades wont go in the members their bank but maybe the bankaccount of "the underground" where they can buy bases or maybe even territory with?

Its something I havent seen on any server but I think it will be pretty cool.

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23 minutes ago, mikeo'neill said:

The only "higher caliber" guns on the server are 1 Cyrus, and 1 MAR-10 in TFU with huge restrictions on them, so I doubt the Underground will have that, but they should have access to 100 rnd mags, unlimited zip ties, cool skins, maybe unique MRAP skin for them, etc

All that +1, except for "higher caliber" guns which is more than 7.62

well things have to be kept on a level playng ground, so yes the whiteliisted rebels can havve mar10's and the cyrus, but they will have to pay for all there gear, or will not be perrmitted to earn any money, so no drug runs etc, all depends how we want to do iit and what we want them to be, as thats not decided yet, but one thing is for certain, if they get free guns, they can not earn money other than there paycheck.

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yeah but in all honesty, what would they do with the money as same as the police if they need something they get it, would be easier to just not have them make money, or have them to pay for there gear "with 1 free loadout" so if they want the big stuff they can have it.

adding it so it goes into an imaginary bank account for everything they do is a ver very long process, and there is no gain whatsoever, nobody would notice it ingame, nobody would be able to access it, would be easier to just give them what they need, I know what you are trying to do, ie use the money for bigger better bases etc, but iif they need a bigger better base, I will just givev it too them.

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