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CC Richard Report


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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:

CC Richard

Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:


Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

I got chased by the cops and went into a Tower to try and defend, i said in game cops please dont come up we dont want anyone dying today which richard said on teamspeak is initation which i dont believe is, he walked up and opened fire on me when i wasnt expecting it then another cop came up and shot me.

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


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Hello, I will be dealing with this report today, bare with me as I review the evidence.

To be fair, I don't see what other outcome you expected out of this... You practically told them they will die if they come up, which is threatening the lives of officers, therefore you have initiated on them.

It was your fault to have cornered yourself in a tower when you're all alone against the Police Force.

Regardless of all that, this is a minor issue, so I suggest attempting to resolve it on Teamspeak between you two, because I don't see this report going anywhere if I'm honest.

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10 minutes ago, Jamz said:

Is this really acceptable quality of rp on this server, @mikeo'neill?

  • Only the reporter and the reported may post on an unban appeal unless you are providing evidence, your friend being there is not evidence, we do not need his opinion.

Though there is a bit of a mistake with the rule, I'm sure you knew about it Jamz, so I don't see why you're posting on here, while you could have alternatively PM'd me with your opinion, or spoken to me on Teamspeak. Next time you have input, send a PM/speak to staff on Teamspeak rather than blatantly not following forum rules.

Non lethals would have been preferably used in this situation, but as I have said again, this is only a small issue, which could have been avoided if resolved on Teamspeak. In regards to his initiation, "Don't come up, we don't want anyone dying today", is a threat to life, though a bit indirect. The quality of RP in this situation was not great, but I would blame both parties, running around a military tower with your gun telling officers they will die if they come in an indirect way is not great RP either.

If you would rather report a player, then attempt to resolve @Matty, that would be a bit poor, and I would ask for a longer video, as I need to see the events leading up to this, and if there were any previous initiations.

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^It can also be interpreted as if you come up people will die, if you wanted to negotiate then you could have said, officers I want to negotiate or something like that, it is not RDM as it isn't random, poor RP possibly, but as I took it as a threat to my life I don't think it is, after speaking to senior staff member-neo even he said there was nothing wrong with the situation. I agree that I could have encouraged non-lethal force as I had an officer with me with rubbers, however, it was in the heat of the moment I decided to push the tower whilst you were not expecting it as you had the clear advantage peeking the doorway, I was valuing officers lives by pushing you whilst I did. Your attempt to resolve was next to none, which involved you asking why I shot and me saying you initiated, you saying you didn't and then you closing the conversation to report me within 5 minutes. This report was pointless and easily avoidable, to be honest, it just looks like your playing to get people banned.

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You're no different from the "rule breaker" since you are blatantly breaking forum rules, you're not exempt from any rules, nor is anyone else, due to your failure to follow a very simple rule after being asked to take it somewhere else, I will be issuing a warning point to you since you can't seem to follow a simple rule after being given a chance.

I've clearly said above, this could fall under Poor Roleplay, but you're clearly not here to help in any way, you're here for attention.

Provide a longer video, @Matty

As for Matty, your attitude is horrible, why can't you attempt to resolve? We do not play to ban in this community! Getting your friends to come on here and start rants, doesn't help either.

As common courtesy, I will be asking @Thesoldier to review this report, but warning point stands for Jamz.

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Well, it is kind of initiation, as if the cops came up you would of killed them and you would of said "we told you not to come up", but on the other hand richard could of just saiid simply "put your weapons on the floor, and your hands on your head, or we will be forced to open fire", so I can see it from both sides, @Matty and @Richard I suggest you both sit down in a channel together alone, no other cops or staff cops in there, and actually talk about it, and resolve it, this report is seriously unneeded.

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I've reviewed it, but I want to give both parties a chance to come together and speak.

If there's a longer video I would like to see it, because I do see a missed opportunity to roleplay because the subject was barricaded in the tower. The cops could have roleplayed and at least said something, so I would classify it as poor roleplay to storm in like that. That is just my opinion from the limited video I see. It is a roleplaying server afterall, but not a report playing server.

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