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How can I fix this issue?


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I get a very weird lag spike 8 out of 10 times I engage in a close quarters gunfight, I was wondering if anybody else experiences this issue and has found a way to resolve it? Any help would be appreciated as this issue does hinder my performance quite significantly.

Also be warned I am not great with computers so I might not be able to answer a lot of hardware questions :/

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5 minutes ago, Charly said:

Not sure if you've tried this but it might be a simple fix. In game try going to Configure -> Video And in the visibility tab, you can edit your 'Overall' and 'Object'. Try turning them down a bit to maybe a quarter the way or half way up.

Also, if you get similar lag when you enter a vehicle, that is definitely the problem because, althought I have a relatively beefy computer, I use to get this kind of lag stepping into a vehicle before I turned the settings down a little.

If it was specifically getting in a vehicle, it'd be a good idea to change your vehicle render distance in the Reborn Menu. The same applies to you Martin, I personally don't see a change in performance if I change my ArmA view distance and it's larger than the Reborn one so I can assume that the Reborn Menu is the one that actually decides the performance.

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