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Baiting Rule


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Obv officers have to respond to illegal activity etc

but what i can do is start pulling out a ghosthawk or a hunter or strider on every gas station but then rip any hobo robbing it

but the guys baiting them for gunfights will obv get rekt but then it's really unfair for hobos

so it's horrible for the police as they need to respond in a a balanced manner, cuz you also have the ppl who will rob a gas station for RP etc so by them robbing a gas station with ifrits and snipers on hills it just creates a mess for everyone , if they want that sort of gunfight, then get some balls and rob the HM imo

disclaimer: i might not be making much sense atm since its 5am

i mean 6 am lel

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I will give a little more detail as people are messaging me.

Yes baiting is allowed, but, if people are doing it to get into gun fights for no RP reason that would then be banned under poor RP, not baiting, people need to get away from made up vague rules from other communities, baiting in itself is just a tactic, you wouldn't ban someone because hes sniping, it is just a tactic, if I am doing shit to just get in a gun fight its poor RP and bannable, but baiting in itself is not a bannable offence its good tactics.

it is all down to what happens between the bait and the first shot.

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