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[-V-] Desh Report

Jazz Cat

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In-game name:

Jazz Cat

Name of the player(s) you are reporting:

[-V-] Desh

Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:

RDM / Poor RP

Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

I stop next to a reported stolen vehicle, the [-v-] guys were not following our instructions to place their hands on their heads since they have illegal weapons out and the stolen vehicle. 1 Clem then says "Put your hands up you are surrounded" I didn't understand what he said at the time since i was talking and he is in a building. But 3 seconds later just kills me... He never "Lethally" initiated. As well as clem poor RP of "Don't tell me to put my hands up, You know whats going to happen" How could anyone know whats going to happen?

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


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Hello jaz cat I do apologise for the inconvenience.. just gonna tell you my side as on here as I won't be in for a few days I've got a lot of work this week right here we go ..... It all started from when you drove past us on the main road there where 2 guys in the road me and someone else and 1 at the side of a fence he told you guys to stop the car you carried on so I ran off because I didn't want in on a fight as I only had 14 bullets left in my mp5... so I ran to a building and started watching from the room above you and the other officer and I hear you guys telling my guys to put your hands on your heads your under arrest for theft of this motor vehicle (not exact words ino but bare with me) so I took my gun out the bag and shouted officers hands on your heads your surrounded now surrounded. Ino you wasn't but I was behind you and had clear shots . UNTIL the officer ran to my building aka one shot I believe it was and so I took action as that is not complying with my request....... so I am sorry about taking you out first but I was then restrained but then also I'm restrained as one shot was killed and another officer came up and didn't realise who I was so I said I was a hostage please help me he let me go. HIS error I'm afraid but never mind him. I'm sorry I took you out first it was obvious that your officer heard me so he took action tbh so would I if it was me . But anyway if you want comp which ino you cops don't pay for your stuff I will still be happy to give you 150k comp for the inconvenience sir. Hope to hear back from you soon.....

:) best wishes DESHI

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Firstly, I would like to address how "appropriate" the title and description of that video are, understandably you have edited it after I have asked you to, but regardless that shouldn't have been the case to begin with. Everyone gets pissed ingame, but there's no reason to take out of game, because at the end of the day we're all one community, regardless of what faction you are in.

Now to move over to the actual report, regardless of what you might say in your own defence, Deshi; that was very poor RolePlay, and I'd expect better quality Roleplay from a member of a whitelisted faction, in no point is "hands up" or "stop your car" a few times sufficient initiation at any point.

"Section 7:
Roleplay Standards

Not everyone has the same level of roleplay, but all attempts should be made to roleplay before engaging in combat, this is down to the staffs interpretation of the incident, if it is deemed not sufficient roleplay, ie put your hands up or die 3,2 shot dead we will try to resolve it beforehand but disciplinary action may be taken."

It's very simple, but the context of this report is much bigger than only this once incident, only a few days in the server, and after the temporary banning of your Gang leader, your gang still follows the same antics, you guys have been told several times to read the rules, but this still goes on, unfortunately I am left with no choice, but to temporarily ban you, as for the rest of your gang, I expect to see all of you in the coming days to arrange a time with myself or another member of staff to speak with to organise a meeting with a few High Ranking Police Officers and members of staff to sort this out, since it needs to change asap.

This is a RolePlay community, with high roleplay standards, so aside from the fact you were initiating from god knows where so poorly, you must make sure the initiation is of high standard, e.g: "All officers in the area, place your hands ontop of your head immediately for refusing to let Player A go" after you would obviously give the officers sufficient time to comply before shooting them, I don't expect you to use that initiation all the time, but something of that sorts, or at least engage in serious Roleplay before saying that. TLDR; "put your hands up" and then shooting, just won't do it on our servers.

For the meeting I mentioned, I expect your gang leader to organize a time with me for a meeting with a few high ranking police officers and staff to go over the issues with the gang currently, as tons of complaints are stacking up, and we want to find a solution for that.

Last note, Deshi, compensating or not is not the point here, especially when it's more of a bribe rather than compensation since there is nothing to be compensated. And nothing you have said, really changes the situation at all, it was just very poor RP.

Therefore, a 5 day ban will be issued to Deshi, with option to APPEAL.

Sorry if there are any typos, it is very late, and I'm very tired.


Adding this a bit late, as this is something I failed to mention earlier, @PaulS did bring to my attention the attitude of an officer in this situation. @[RaF] One Shot attitude/dealing with the situation does not meet the standards of the Altis Police, therefore will be spoken to by his Constabulary command as an internal police matter.

5 day ban with appeal actioned

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