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WolfE Report


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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:


Any evidence available:

https://gyazo.com/2afd7ea2553bb53a2ce20e88cbe6b259 https://gyazo.com/a72458b58b1718d9f2846144840b7f1d

Describe the incident:


We go to Decamp WolfE, as he is surrounded you can see in both ours and his POV that he turned up his DPI and DPI glitched, luckilly he got killed eearly before he started flying all over the place, but as you can see in the GIFs it is clearly Exploiting
<20:15:50> "Clixy": https://gyazo.com/2afd7ea2553bb53a2ce20e88cbe6b259
<20:15:55> "Clixy": https://gyazo.com/a72458b58b1718d9f2846144840b7f1d


<19:51:20> "Clixy": wOLFe
<19:51:23> "Clixy": Can youu come liason
<19:521> "Clixy": I want to talk to you about a rulebreak.
<19:53:58> "Clixy": ALright well msg me when you decide to come, Ill wait 10 minutes
<19:54:57> "WolfE": Already resolving mate
<19:55:16> "Clixy": Well I want to ressovle
<19:55:23> "WolfE": You didn't die?
<19:55:29> "Clixy": Doesnt matter
<19:55:55> "Clixy": Are you resolving or not
<19:56:13> "WolfE": What are you trying to resolve?
<19:56:19> "WolfE": I guarantee it's already done
<19:56:22> "Clixy": DPI
<19:56:23> "Clixy": ?
<19:56:35> "Clixy": And i dont feel like youve resolved it with me
<19:56:49> "WolfE": I'll give you a GIF xD
<19:56:54> "Clixy": Listewn
<19:56:59> "Clixy": Im asking you to come liason
<19:574> "Clixy": are you or are you not comming
<19:57:13> "WolfE": If you didn't see I'm in a board meeting
<19:23:10> "Clixy": <19:57:13> "WolfE": If you didn't see I'm in a board meeting
<19:57:14> "Clixy": Im not sitting here arguing with you bia chatt
<19:57:16> "WolfE": https://gyazo.com/2afd7ea2553bb53a2ce20e88cbe6b259
<19:57:18> "WolfE": Not DPI
<19:57:24> "Clixy": https://gyazo.com/a72458b58b1718d9f2846144840b7f1d
<19:57:27> "Clixy": Yes, DPi
<19:58:21> "Clixy": Now, you were not in any meeting when ive tried to resolve this
<19:58:37> "Clixy": You can calmly excuse yourself and come and explain yourself
<19:59:10> "WolfE": Found a GIF from Syndicate side
<19:59:21> "WolfE": I don't quite DPI
<19:59:29> "WolfE": If I slide about like I'm on ice it's DPI
<19:59:31> "Clixy": Okaletts agree to disagree
<19:59:41> "Clixy": Im not doing this, ive asked you to come
<19:59:47> "Clixy": clearly youre just denying it
<19:59:56> "Clixy": So letss leave it in the hands of an admin

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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