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New Rule for baiting


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I really think that baiting for the sake of a gunfight is not roleplay and there should be a punishment for that.

The amount of times cops are baited is astonishing.

Some good examples:

Who needs snipers and 6 to 10 guys on a gas station robbery?

Driving a ifrit in kavala, for what reason? Is it really needed there?

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Baiting is becoming an issue driving through Kavala in stolen police cars and ifrits beeping infront of the officers who only want to RP waiting for them outside GZ and killing them. Its getting alot worse as officers are getting taken hostage more frequently and nobody is wanting to play as police because rightly so why would anyone if they are on the back foot constantly?

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Baiting Police is a tactic - it's the Police's decision whether to get baited or not get baited. If you see an ifrit purposely driving around you while you're on as a cop, just ignore it that's what I do, I pretend that it's not there. If you don't want to get baited, then call for backup so you've got 5/6 cops with you, and if you think you're being baited then leave. Simple. I like taking cops hostage as I have good RP with them and then let them go. For example @Nicolaj Myles and PC Lewis...

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