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Open up RebornRP#2 Or Upgrade slots


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Problem I find with most 2 or 3 server communities is that once there's a second server, it's either heavily un-policed making it a breeding server for making masses of money via drugs.

At present we struggle to fill all of Athira TS positions, I feel like a large overhaul of the current system needs to be considered, free up the map by removing some of the lesser used resources, opening up Pyrgos for Police, installing a new HQ there and allowing the 3 different units to operate freely within their own remits. There's too much action occuring in the Western part of the map, not enough in the Eastern and even Northern, it's a massive strain of resources. I felt like having 3 different constabularies and having their own meetings, their own CC's and operating as 3 different entities as opposed to having just Kavala and Athira operate in the same area.

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-1 a larger server would need more donations, at this current state we are £10 over the monthly "budget" in donations. by making a second server it would mean that there is more donations requiered and at this state of the server i wouldnt say it should be enough. I would rather grow the community and get a stable active member cound, quite a lot of the time i see around 60 people on the server at most of the time. should not upgrade the slot, make a macro which spams spacebar to get in the server when its full, not that hard tbh (used this on GTA to get in without as mutch spamming never needed it on this server though)

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