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There was a recent incident that happened between myself and the police where they was adamant they sent some messages asking me to leave but because I was in the co-pilot seat, I did not receive the message.

As I know some other people too fly using the co-pilot or have used it as a quick escape (later ended up in other situatinos) my suggestion would be, could you possibly put it so both Co-Pilot as well as Pilot receive the message to prevent any further incident?

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41 minutes ago, Reece said:

Well to be honest you're not supposed to use co-pilot as landing with it is considered exploiting. Unless however your friend was AFK in pilot seat etc then yea I guess it would make sense.

Can I ask how using a co-pilot to land is considered exploiting, when its a game mechanic itself?

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50 minutes ago, Reece said:

Because you can land and leave your helicopter spinning allowing you to instantly hop back in and take off in a robbery or other type of scenario

Ahh now I get what you mean sorry. No you can land in co-pilot but you do need to turn the engine off. The situation I was in, was landing at a garage to store when there was an active gun fight but didnt see the message because Co-Pilots dont receive it. But by having both Co and Pilot receiving it, if both seats are occupied and one doesnt see the message, the other one will.

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