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Border pass


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I understand this was added before but I dont know why it was removed, I think a border pass, like a temporary license, that syndicate can sell that enables the guest to go in our lands, without worrying when they come back if they paid to come in or if they got permission or not. A lot of the time Syndicate members will forget if they let someone through for free or if someone has paid a fee, this causes a lot of different issues for syndicate but its also a hassle for the guest, they may end up paying twice or be accused of skipping the border because one of us forgot we let them in, this is easily fixed with a border pass, with a border pass it would be as easy as this:

"Hello Sir have you paid the pass, Or gotten permission for free?"

"Yes I have, its in this pocket"

"Ok looks all good, have a good day!"

Rather than:

"Hey is this Tom?'

"No Im Tim, I just paid with *Insert syndicate members name* "

"Wait *syndicate members name* doesn't remember that, I thought you were Tom, did I just let Tom go without paying!?"

"No Tom is over here!"

"No thats Jack!"

And so on and so forth, a border pass that you can check when someone is restrained, much like as a cop checking licenses would add a great amount of RP, currently I have to roleplay everything without any in-game function, i go and sit on the chair with the little laptop inside the drug dealer building and ask the person to take a seat, pretend to be taking down the name and gang, pretend to be putting it in the computer; by smashing my face into the desk up and down at 20000dpi, then pretend to have them use a finger scanner to have them on our records for next time, And while I love doing this process and the RP behind it I havent seen ANY other syndicate member do this, I think adding this border pass would encourage this sort of roleplay while also making it easier to keep track of who is in our lands.


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Seems a good idea, but why not just create a Google Docs and share it amongst Syndicate in the mean time? If someone is permitted into your land, update the Doc with the name, time, date & duration, anyone who then confronts the person can check the docs. Granted the person uses the same name within roleplay, all is well.

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or what about if we get a computer screen in the green building and when someone comes through we put the name on the database/computer and if they don't come back through then they go on to a hunting list or a bounty and if a syndicate person kills the person who didn't go back through they get a prize/reward

EDIT: but the syndicate member would obviously have to initiate on the person and find out the person name.

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