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Undercover Police Cars


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I believe this would decrease the crime rate as people just stop there crimes and run away when they see a police car however this would decrease the chance of doing it

SC or higher can pull them out

e.g for cars : SUV , hatchback , Sport Hatchback ( DSGT +) , truck

you should add the special police horn and Sirens and police lights. It would make it easier for us to catch them.

Thank you

Steph Curry

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I like the idea of undercover police cars, however, the rank to get them should be higher than SC. If it was anything lower than Inspector, it'd be used too much and a lot of people wouldn't like it.

We don't need an undercover uniform, I'd be fine driving around in a the black and blue uniform. If people want to know if it's the police, they can just look inside. They'd be effective at a distance but because they'd be able to be identified at close range, they wouldn't be ridiculously overpowered.

It'd be better if the undercover cars were black due to the fact that the uniform would stand out more in say a red SUV. If we were only to get black SUVs, it'd be another limitation.

Saying that, where's the vanilla black SUV skin?

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