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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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  • knock Knock! ........... Who's There?.......... THE POLICE, HANDS UP OR BE TASED!!!
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    Rules Changelog

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    Edited rule 7.3: 7.3 Police Legalities Police cannot take part in Rebel activities whilst part of the Altis Police Force. Exception to this rule will be Saturday nights between 8pm-12am. T

    Edited rule 5.4: You must remain 1km from where you died for 15 minutes. This does not include a death inside the red zone but you must spawn 1km away from where you died. Added 6.3: Hovering abo

    UPDATE 19/12 @ Now 12.11 Planting the charge Intentionally not planting the charge so you can fight the police over and over or so you can try again if you lose is Poor RP and is also trying

    UPDATE 27/11/2016

    • You can no longer send in an unarmed person to "initiate".
    • You are not permitted to store your vehicles in the greenzone while you are selling items other than apples and peaches.
    • You are not permitted to take one of your own gang members hostage.
    • You are not permitted to report your own vehicle stolen unless it has actually been stolen.
    • If you are driving around or running around in the middle of a gunfight, ie spotting police or rebels, if you get killed this is not RDM, this does not mean you can just shoot anyone in the area, if a gunfight is ongoing ie there is actual shooting you need to make an attempt to leave, if they are not leaving you can shoot them, if you do not want to die, leave the area (value your life).
    • If someone is pointing a gun at you telliing you to do something do not try and 180 them, this is fail RP, give up your stuff and actually roleplay.
    • NLR - to make it clear, you can only return to a situation you was previously involved in if do not go within 1km of where you died for 15 minutes and your gang members have called you in, you have no memories, so if nobody calls you in, you can not return, the only exception to this rule is the HM Treasury, the HM Robbery is split into 2 halves, inside the compound and outside the compound, if you die during the compound robbery you can not return until the trucks have left, you gang members stiill need to call you in and you still need to stay outside of where you died for 15 minutes.

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    UDATE 21/12/2016 @11:34AM

    Section 1:
    General Rules

    1. You are not permitted to sell or trade any in-game items or currency for real life money/items
    2. This is a microphone only server, typing is only used for out-of-character (OOC) information!.
    3. Going AFK is sometimes required, however if you need to leave for longer than 10 minutes, please do ensure to log out!. If we notice you're afk, we will kick you.
    4. Any offensive player or gang names will result in a temporary ban until you, or we, have changed it.
    5. Trolling is a no no, respect people's roleplay, If you are caught trolling, you will receive a ban. Examples of trolling are: soundboards and/or voice changers.
    6. Teleporting. Logging out and logging back in to gain an ingame advantage or respawning to get to a different town faster are both examples of teleporting and you may be subject to disciplinary! Please message a member of staff on Teamspeak if you need to log out and log back in for any reason to ensure you are not flagged for teleporting.
    7. If you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you are not permitted to rob/kill/arrest each other. (repair continue the chase)

    Section 5:
    New life rule

    A new life means you have no memories of your previous life, and no information of what you were previously doing. You still remember your gang members, but anyone outside of the gang you no longer know.

    You can no longer return to the situation you was previously involved in regardless.

    A new life starts when:

    • You have died within roleplay.
    • You have died in a road traffic incident.

    A new life does not start when:

    • The server resets.
    • You logout and come back online.
    • You have been VDM'd (see VDM rule)
    • You have been RDM'd (see RDM rule)

    Section 13:
    HM Treasury

    • The police must send in an unarmed negotiator unless the blasting charge has been placed.
    • If negotiating fails the police negotiator must full leave the HM Compound before rejoining the fight.
    • If negotiation is going on during the blasting charge being placed, the negotiator must be given chance to leave the compound, no side is permitted to open fire until the negotiator has left.
    • A minimum of 10 cops must be online before a HM Robbery is allowed.
    • Any officer caught logging off purposely to get the number below 10 will face disciplinary action.
    • The area around the HM during a robbery is a very dangerous place, so once the blasting charge has been placed, killing in that area is no longer classed as RDM.
    • No external person/gang is allowed to interfere with the HM Robbery until the gold has left the treasury compound.
    • If you die during the HM Robbery, you are no longer part of the HM treasury and can not take further part, regardless of the stage of the robbery.
    • Gold can not be taken to gang bases, either sell it or take it to a house, but you do not retreat to a gang base.
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    UPDATE 23/12/2016 @10am

    Section 12:
    Combat Logging/Storing

    Logging off during any form of RP is not permitted, you are to wait until the situation is fully over before exiting the server, that includes waiting for a revive, disagreeing with a roleplay situation, to try and save gear, etc
    If killed you are to fully respawn in a location before logging off.
    Remember if there was an issue with a situation, you can be compensated.

    If you have been initiated on or the police are chasing you, you are not permitted to run and store cash or go to the garage to store your vehicle, this includes driving your vehicle into the sea, you are to wait for the situation to be fully over before storing cash or storing your vehicle.

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    HM Treasury now has clarification:

    13.6 The area around the HM during a robbery is a very dangerous place, so once the blasting charge has been placed, killing in that area is no longer classed as RDM.

    • Clarification: This is a Cops vs Robbers area. Whilst crossfire can happen, shooting unarmed, uninvolved people is still RDM. However, if they're armed, it's a matter of protection.
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    Server Rules

    New General Rule Added - 1.8 Threats to ban in Sidechat is against the rules, if you believe a rule has been broken then request the player to join teamspeak and try to resolve. Threatening to ban will result in a Ban.

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    Server Rules Update 03/02/2017 @8pm

    5.1 You are allowed to return to a situation you was previously involved in as long as it is either 15 minutes after you have died or it is more than 1km from where you died, but you gang must call you in this does not include a HM treasury or an APD lockup if you die during a HM or APD you are not permitted to return full stop.

    6.3 Using a helicopter to prevent someone from taking off is using your vehicle as a weapon and is no longer permitted, this is classed as VDM.

    8.9 If the police take control of someones vehicle and flee to a blue zone they are not permitted to scrap said vehicle for 10 minutes, this gives the rebels a chance to request permission to attack the HQ.

    13.10 No external person/gang is allowed to interfere with the APD Evidence Lockup until the trucks have left the APD compound. (temp location)

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    UPDATED 13:30 19/04/2017 (again due to smart asses)

    Roleplay Standards

    7.9 If you put a weapon in a backpack/vehicle during a gunfight you are no longer allowed to take part in that fight, you are to leave the situation, this does not mean you will not be shot, if you was seen backpacking a weapon, you are still a threat and can be fired upon, you are to leave the situation as fast as possible or re-initiate, if you wish to stay in the fight, DO NOT put your weapon in your backpack either keep it in your hands or holster it.

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    UPDATED 16:27 20/04/2017

    Times when VDM IS allowed:

    • When it is between Hunters, Ifrits and Striders.
    • When a person is stood in-front of a vehicle pointing a weapon at the driver, blocking any sort of escape, but all attempts must be made to avoid collision, and you are not permitted to get out and kill the person, you are to leave the area.
    • If you are in the red zone, all Vehicle to vehicle contact is allowed.
    • If there is unmanned vehicles blocking an entrance, if the cars blow up this is your own fault, if you kill anyone due to it exploding you are to give full compensation.
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    Update - 13/09/2017

    7.4 PCSO/CSO Hostage
    PCSO's and below can not be taken as a hostage, that includes restraining them.
    They are to be robbed, allowed to leave or killed (Inform them why beforehand). If they have been robbed and are allowed to leave, they are to move to at least 1km from the incident before they can rejoin the situation.

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    ADDED as of 31-10-2017 @9.36pm

    12.8 HM Vehicles

    Civilian Only - Once the HM has started all participating civilians are not permitted to use the garage, no storing vehicles and no pulling out of vehicles, e.g. no waiting until the fight is over then going to fetch trucks.

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    ADDED as of 26-11-2017 @13.00pm

    The Vanguard

    7.13 Vanguard Distribution
    Vanguard may not abuse the specialist equipment they are given, ie storing it logging off and logging back on to use it as a civilian.

    Vanguard can give away equipment if under duress within RP and can sell equipment within RP, however, this does not include the Cyrus, Mar10, 100Rnd mags, Pawnee and armed quillins.

    7.14 Vanguard Communication
    Vanguard must be on TeamSpeak and in a vanguard channel whilst in-game and on-duty.

    7.15 Vanguard Backpack
    Vanguard equipment can be stolen and worn by rebels, apart from the invisible backpacks (they do not exist within roleplay)

    7.16 Exploiting backpack (Vanguard)
    Vanguard can not exploit the invisible backpack. If within an RP situation you put something in your backpack, you can not use it until the situation is over.

    7.17 Pawnee abuse
    The Vanguard Pawnee can not leave the Vanguard territory unless it has been stolen by rebels.

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