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syndicate rule change


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you could also do the same if you were in the same channel as some civs whilst on as cop. It is not only allowed with Syndicate -> civs. its also allowed Civ - Civ, Civ - Cop and Cop - Syndicate. you just have to be in the same teamspeak channel.

you cant exclude one faction from a rule when the faction is a rebel based faction. we are whitelisted rebels once and for all but we shouldnt be in other channels then syndicate channels whilst playing as syndicate, this is because of whispers and etc. I would be down that you change the initiation rules complitly like gangs initiate on gangs, and that there might be some must gangtags, other then that it might be quite useless.

For example this: Syndicate is doing a bank, all syndicate slots are taken and there is 5 people that are whitelisted as syndicate are in the same teamspeak channel, they are clearly armed and therefore they also shoot cops, they know they are involved and are also in syndicate channels which carries the initiation from them to the syndicate and opposite way.

Just shoot armed people in a gunfight, its not that hard. if they are not involved you may comp them but it is still an active firefight.

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Just now, Echo said:

The main reason we dont have more is because server is pretty mixed out in terms of slots for factions. Last time I seen it syn had a over 50+ "active" (about half actually play) players so its a bit unfair to not let them take part in a hm with their friends.

I guess to stop this issue maybe adjust the rule so that when syndicate is playing with civs in the same channel civs must wear a dresscode similar to syndicate clothing. syn command could probably come up with something.

i was just thinking the same thing then at least we know what we are actually dealing with

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18 minutes ago, Echo said:

But thats the exact same with rebel gangs though. If you are in a gunfight with a rebel gang then another group appears with guns then the active gunfight rule lets you shoot them?

The problem with this is that syndicate are a faction like police. If a civs started helping cops the rage would be insane. And if you shoot civs because you are fighting with police it would also go mad. Laison is going to be stocked up when police just shoots every with a gun in every gunfight. This also means if we are in a fight with civs and see syndicate then we will shoot syndicate

1 minute ago, Sonny Asif said:

The Teamspeak rule is utter shite, it should not make you initiated, I do feel for cops 100%

For cops, shoot first comp later :P

Dont need to comp them as it is an active firefight and the current rules doesnt give you any choice, but to see anybody as enemies

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