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Clixy Report


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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

22:38 (Approx.)

What rule do you believe was broken:


Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

While dealing with a prisoner at APC HQ, a neon green ifrit entered the compound and was clearly baiting for some form of attention. Having taken a quick look through the front windscreen, I could see 3 people inside and decided not to react in any way, to value my life and continue with my business. I left HQ without chasing or initiating and drove North of Kavala. Unfortunately Methhead Martin decided to initiate, however I completely ignored this for my sake and continued North until my untimely crash with another Syndicate vehicle. I apologised since it was clearly my fault and repaired both of our vehicles when another citizen approached me and we started engaging in roleplay. I completely ignored the previous incident and had hoped I would have been taken hostage or at the very least warned in some way to leave the area due to the fact I was a clear non-threat, out gunned and out numbered. It was not in my interest to approach the situation with any hostility and that was very clear. This was pretty much on the 3 minute mark of initiation, however that didn't cross my mind since I was engaged in roleplay and keeping myself detached from what had happened down south. Unfortunately it was more suitable for Clixy to just decamp and shoot me in the back without saying a word it appears. I received an apology from Hoggie on behalf of Clixy as Hoggie attempted to tell Clixy not to kill me, however there's been no remorse shown by Clixy at all. This happens on such a daily occurrence I felt that I have no other choice to report it. As my first report, I've even consulted two Reborn Staff regarding the incident, both of whom advised me the offence is bannable and to make a report.

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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As a matter of fact, I messaged you, to which you decided to ignore me for over an hour while I had a discussion with Hoggie about the incident, after an hour your only reply was "thanks" - You had no intention of resolving the incident, since you, in your mind felt that jumping out of the ifrit while someone was having an on-going roleplay situation, despite the initiation happening pretty much bang on 3 minutes ago, was absolutely fine to gun someone else down. The fact that your own team mate had to apologise on your behalf just shows you have absolutely no concern for roleplay. You drove around me knocking walls down clearly baiting, something again, Hoggie will testify too.

You deliberated killing me, you even stopped, considered and then decided to do it, without a word being said. What Methhead Martin did was absolutely no concern of mine and it's clear as day that I attempted to get away from the situation to value my own life. In regards to "are you telling me that I was supposed to just pass you", well yeah, go for it, at absolutely no stage was I threat to you, I was clearly involved in a different situation and I made no attempt to even notice you. The officer you're talking about going after the officer was engaged in a pursuit with a stolen police vehicle. At the very least, considering I was turned around, not engaged with you and clearly not a threat, you can have told me to leave the area, you can have told me to place my hands on my head, you could have done absolutely anything and not a single shot would have come your way, instead you decided to just kill me since you have absolutely no regard for roleplay what so ever. Your options are endless within roleplay, yet time over time again you decide to just resort to a gun, because you know, that's what you're about.

Here's the conversation with Hoggie.


<22:40:02> "Hoggie": fml
<22:40:07> "Hoggie": such a piss take there for you
<22:40:11> "Rage": what the fuck was that?
<22:40:14> "Hoggie": I know
<22:40:22> "Hoggie": i said 4 or 5 times dont fucking kill him
<22:40:28> "Hoggie": but as your mate killed our guy , he killed you
<22:40:30> "Hoggie": was so shitty
<22:41:51> "Rage": Crashed into a Syndicate vehicle on the way up there, absolutely nothing, apologised since it was clearly my fault we crashed, repaired cars, talked, not a minute of hostility, then started talking to that other guy, shit, by any means I should have legged it as there was a strong possibility that you could have taken me hostage, instead I just replied with "never liked that wall anyway"..
<22:42:06> "Hoggie": i said that
<22:42:38> "Hoggie": i was like he is fucking RPing dont shoot him , but he kills you anyway. I am very disapointed with Clixy right now ngl ,
<22:42:59> "Hoggie": In the end i appoloigse for him being a <inappropriate2> , i will makes sure he stores the ifrit now
<22:43:35> "Rage": No need for an apology from yourself, it's a daily fucking occurence, it's just fucked me off since it happens so often
<22:45:51> "Hoggie": +1
<22:46:04> "Hoggie": shouldn't be like that , RP should come first
<22:48:30> "Rage": Do you know who it was who engaged on the ifrit? I'm going to give him a bollocking as well for opening fire despite only being him, it was clear that there was 3 people inside the ifrit or something
<22:49:23> "Hoggie": Was Martin , but i dont blame him to be honest as he got baited hard
<22:49:31> "Hoggie": i would have iniated as well tbh

I've spoken to both PaulS and Jcbjoe who have both advised me what you've done is an offence within the server rules and there's absolutely no reason for it. This is the first report I've made while being here, I have no interest in reporting people unless they're quite clearly a troll which is usually resorted through a message to an on-duty admin. Situations like these happen day in, day out and for a roleplay faction, it's clear to say, you're doing it wrong. The fact that I provide more roleplay to RDM'ers and VDM'ers to what you consider a perfectly fine is worrying indeed.

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8 minutes ago, Clixy said:

Again, i think your mixing up why i shot you, i did not shot you because of the initiation 3min before the even, i was going to but then arrived to see that you was roleplaying, then my friend gets shot right infront of you.

Youre telling me you saying "nice" and me responding with "thanks" is me not trying to resolve? I had no idea you were trying to resolve something, do you know why? Because you werent.

Little truth is youre blowing this way out of porportion when clearly you did not try to resolve whatever you think resolving is, when my friends gets shot 15 meters away from you it became a active gunfight.

I dont know why im still commenting, prop because im triggered that youre just looking to ban someone.

I understand that you may have some issues IRL or whatever but dont bring it down on me. If i was only looking for combat i would have shot you before your officer shot us again as technically we was still initiated. But i didnt.

"You was going to kill me, but then realised I was roleplaying" thanks for claryfing that you're only looking for kills. Once again, whoever stole that police car and gets shot is absolutely nothing to do with me and once again, 3 of you in an ifrit, why not suggest I leave or restrain me, I'm such a sitting fucking duck that you still consider me a threat? Why didn't Hoggie mention all of this? Why has Hoggie decided to apologise on your behalf if you did absolutely nothing wrong? I messaged you saying '10/10 nice roleplay', to which you refused to answer and completely ignored me, yet I had an on-going conversation with your team mate who was there and felt as if the situation should never have happened? Seems like a great way to get out of the whole 'You made no attempt to resolve it' argument if you refuse to answer anyone.

I don't know why you're still commenting, it's clear that you have no interest in roleplay and that you're just looking for a bounty, explain why I continue to get Syndicate members asking what their "friends bounty is at". Appreciate your concern however the "issues IRL" are far from your concern and should I have any, I'll seek the correct and proper advice relating to them, however would you mind expanding on that? Frankly that appears to be more of a dig than anything else.

Edited by Rage
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28 minutes ago, Clixy said:

About the bounty, could t give a fuck about it, i play syn 98% of the time so my civ bounty makes 0 differance.

And still you need to get the right facts in your head, the incident 3min ago had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

So if you can take a second to process that fact.

Then unfortunatly since you are cop when your collegue kills one of us right infront of your eyes, its your problem too.

And ffs youre trying to blame me for PLANNING to kill you for the prwvious gunfight but didnt?

are you on crack my friend? No one has ever mangaed to trigger me this much as you have.

So much for not commenting on it..

Let's go back to basics since there appears to be a case of mis-communication along the lines somewhere..

You and your friends attend Kavala APC HQ trolling and baiting in an ifrit.

One vehicle of Methhead Martin bites and chases you.

I witness this, but for my own safety, continue to drive on, regarding my own life and become engaged in a non-hostile roleplay scenario.

You rock up again after killing an officer and drive around me knocking walls down and clearly baiting again, I continue to ignore.

Stolen police vehicle and officer pursue each other and crash near-by, shots are fired, myself still being 100% non-hostile, engaged in roleplay and avoiding whatever the fuck is happening and I end up getting shot in the back without a word said.

Your own team mate apologises to me, informs me that he told you not too and said he will be impounding the ifrit right away.

Yet you still inform me that I'm in the wrong and "on crack", despite talks with your own team mates and 2 server staff who have all advised that what you have done is wrong..

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57 minutes ago, Clixy said:

Clearly standing in middle of a faction gunfight which youre initiated in and roleplaying makes you imune to bullets GG

In the middle of a faction gunfight? If you consider crashing, engaging in roleplay and then having Syndicate members gun you down without a reason a valid gunfight with initiation, let's go with that..

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38 minutes ago, Hoggie said:

I am gonna comment as i was half AFK in the ifrit. We were playing as rebel and were not online as Syndicate. This issue between you two has nothing to do with Syndicate. I will not comment further unless asked by the reviewing admin.

Duly noted, however you are still members of Syndicate, are you not? And as members of Syndicate you are expected to conduct yourself in a way that does not bring Syndicate into disrepute?

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I kind of agree, the copy 10 meters away shot and killed your gang, so yes you have the right to kill rage, its not the best thing to do, but thats down to the police, they could of told rage over the radio what was going on.

But the driving into the police HQ in an ifrit, then driving around a cop in circles nocking all the walls down, that is piss poor RP.

24 hour ban issued for Poor RP.

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