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Turtle Poaching


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Before reading this, I have to state I'm new to the server and have explored very little activities, so if anything is already in the game (for example, diving gear sold at clothing stores) then please forgive me, as I haven't paid that much attention to what's sold where on the server.

My suggestion for a new job is Turtle poaching which could be added as an illegal job...

Small areas of ocean could be turtle farms (which could alternate their position every 30 minutes (so for example, there are 4 areas populated with turtles currently marked, every 30 minutes, these 4 areas would alternate within 12 pre-placed areas for the turtles to repopulate)) where a bunch of turtles spawn. In order to kill the turtles you must get full diving gear and a SDAR (diving gear could be sold in the clothes shop and a SDAR at a gang hideout or a weapons dealer). To kill the turtles you shoot them in the bottom (the shell is really hard, especially for a underwater gun to penetrate). To collect the turtles you must swim to the carcass and use the ingame function menu (windows key) to collect the carcass. Turtles could be sold at a reasonable price in order to pay for the equipment needed and the risk-reward factor.

Small suggestion related to the turtles: Turtles could also possibly be used to craft turtle soup (?) or other food items with turtle as an ingredient which could possibly restore more hunger than all other store bought food items.

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