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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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  • knock Knock! ........... Who's There?.......... THE POLICE, HANDS UP OR BE TASED!!!
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    Altis Server

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    Update 13/12/2018 @ 4pm Added Brand new Guides system! 60, 90, 130km/h settings for speed camera van Admin full-screen night vision (no goggles) H-siren and lights to 4

    Update V273 - Reborn Roleplay 1.2 @ 8pm on 31/07/2019 This month's update is very content heavy, I've toiled over what to add to improve the server for everyone, especially our neglected rebel po

    UPDATE 21/11/2018 @midday or 4pm Today is a day that a lot of people have been asking for, as you all know a few months back we removed the last whitelisted faction called Camorra, they were left

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    • 2 weeks later...


    The 4x4 Jeep now has more colors!

    ANPR Sound effect and config added (Athough ANPR script due at 4pm)

    Cop lights are now only blue, bye bye american red.

    Heli's no longer have cop-lights

    fixed police impound payments

    A few weapons temporarily removed (other permanent).

    Spawn area fixes

    Police SUV skin added. - Thanks goes to Scott McTavish

    Starting cash set to 100k

    Those having issues with shift-p earplugs, try tilde key. (fix in the lines)


    This is due to real release cost being added.

    Orange zones removed.

    HM Treasury is currently closed until rules are correctly added, please leave it for now.

    No more wipes are scheduled.

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    Changes added yesterday:

    Anti-cheat update

    Gang Funds disabled due to abuse (may return).

    TFU license's created and implemented

    no more teleportation when buying clothes..

    Changes now:

    players with hands up should now be able to be robbed (needs testing).

    Ear plugs are back on Shift + o for now

    Initial implementation of service station robberies, however, map updates are required for this, and will be completed later.

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    disabled voice in side chat

    add toolkits to shops, tfu

    added various other items to tfu shops

    kavala hq added keyboard and chair - stop moaning @CC PeachMaster

    smokes added to various police shops

    Police now a combat lifesaver - you can now heal

    Police new sports hatch skin added - Thanks to Scott McTavish once again

    (we are aware of the current vehicle rendering issue should be fixed midnight restart)

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    Licenses being removed by death - removed

    Pyrgos HQ changed to URA Outpost

    Removed Processing from rebel outpost

    Removed fish market

    Moved the Weed field for a slightly shorter run

    URA Undercover SUV added

    Robbery back working once again

    ANPR added for police

    Shift Y Phone removed

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    At midnight on 13/09/2016 there will be a short down time for the below update.

    police message 911 changed to 999

    Police rubber bullets now working

    Illegal processors/fields moved by request of community please provide feedback/ideas for moves

    Rebel outpost 3 was taken over by URA good job boys (URA HQ WIP)

    Sports hatch skin added for civs - credit goes to Vlad Vagin

    Switched out the AMS skins for the new ones done by Scott McTavish

    NLR timer fixed, so dissapears if revived and now starts from moment of death not moment of respawn

    Kavala drug dealer has taken up shop in the kavala church - finally back where he belongs

    General bug fixes within the code

    Development server now live

    Now we have the development server live it will lbe a lot easier to test without messing with the main server.

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    Big update as we didn't have one yesterday;

    • AI Sheep are no longer taking over the ocean....
    • As stated above, the following kick fixes are in place;
      • cops getting knocked out
      • opening the desk in Athira HQ
      • opening intel documents off desks (please note, this is theft!)
    • The weird impound message has been corrected
    • New skins from McTavish
      • Police Strider
      • AMS & Police Offroad
      • Civ Hatchback sports
      • Civ M3 SUV <--- fk yes!
    • Pyrgos Garage added
    • ANPR + lights issue fixed
    • Vehicle that are "blown up", return after restart
    • Crushing is starting to be implemented for police, currently it will remove for that restart, tomorrow, we aim to have it PERM delete the vehicle... in the future we may create a scrapyard where you can buy it back
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    18-09-2016 Update:

    Gang Hexagons now work over a much greater distance.

    Removed jumping, no more flying people.

    Fixed MPU License saying TFU.

    Added a checkpoint just south of the airfield.

    Added some items to Kavala HQ.

    Airfield rework, both main and north east.

    Police sirens now very loud.

    Police restrain sound added.

    Fixed issue within TFU Outpost.

    Added new AMS Ambulance - Thanks Scott McTavish.

    Kavala high street reworked, miltiple shops added.

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    21/09/2016 20:00

    Kavala Bar n Grill added

    Available drinks - VK Blue (for pauls we know he likes them), Bucky, JackD, MadDog, Peach Schnapps & Apple Schnapps

    Available Food - BBQ Ribs, BBQ Wings

    Apples and Peaches can name be processed at the Schnapps Processor, and I think the bartender in the Bar N Grill will buy your produce.

    I broke the Wanted system my bad - forgot I had played with it, but it is fixed now and will be in the next update, and the wanted prices are realistic now (at least I made it better)

    Jail is also fixed in the next patch (thank paulS for reminding me it was broke)

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