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Suicide vests.


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Now, before you remove this post for stupidity please take a few seconds to glance over my suggestions on adding suicide vests. Suicide vest will cause chaos in some situations, imagine if a hobo got a hold off one in Kavala... Kaboom. I could just imagine the amount of comp to be paid. However if these vests are controlled they can promote good roleplay. Hostage taking,robberies and other illegal activities will we taken to a whole new level of roleplay. I believe with the right rules controlling where these vests can be purchased and where and when they can be worn they can be correctly used on this server. Previous server ive seen them on i 100% agree with you they can be <inappropriate3>, however if you develop the right rules surrounding the vests i believe they can be beneficial to the roleplay within reborn. I agree that they should be high priced, you may have to make them like other weapons on the island increasing there rarity but i dont believe they should be excluded because of possible issues that can be controlled.

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26 minutes ago, Reece said:

To be honest it would be really fun.

Perhaps if somebody is in a greenzone with a suicide vest police can instantly taze them or something like that, ik kinda bad rp but like if a policeman spots somebody with a suicide vest you're gonna get taken down aren't you.

Also make them Adv Rebel+ and cost £50,000 each to make sure they aren't just constantly bought and used over and over.

Some things that should be in place for them imo:

  • Not ignitable when restrained, tazed or knocked out.
  • 5-10 second timer with an animation when pulling the bomb thing.
  • Not able to pick them up after they are placed on the floor. (Stop hobos from taking them and blowing up kav)
  • Not ignitable in a vehicle as the driver.

idk just some suggestions9_9

Or not even being allowed to wear them in greenzone, instant ban?

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10 hours ago, PaulS said:

Loved using them on Taki but i'm sure it's impossible to do on vanilla Altis but i know fuck all.

Multiple servers have these as vanilla altis, some of these: olympus and asylum.

How they react is that a bomb is dropped when a player selects the explode option. This bomb spawns like 1m above ground an explodes when it impacts with the ground.

But a -1 from me.

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