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Vladimir Putinkov, Oussama Report


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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:

Vladimir Putinkov, Oussama

Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:


Any evidence available:

http://plays.tv/video/5910729ace23fd8869/nlr-dm This is my screen(Dominique), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4OkUYSntgk&feature=youtu.be This is Speedy's video when the car get shot, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seZlAb__LFI&feature=youtu.be This is speedy his video when Vladimir broke NLR

Describe the incident:

Well, Speedy and Russell were patroling and saw 2 guys at ganghideout 2, so they just want to have a small talk with these guys. When they tried to talk to them, they started screaming go away with a gun aiming towards them... so thats oke Speedy and Russel drove away to wait for some backup, than i came upto gang hideout 2 and the guys started shooting the police SUV from Speedy and Russell so they turned around to just look whats going on, after that they start to drive away. so Speedy Russel and me started to chase the SUV. after the vehicle came up to the hill i told the guy in the SUV to get out or his tires will be shotted... i didnt shoot. but when the SUV is ramming all the objects at the ganghide out 2 i started shooting the tires because i had a clear shot on the tires... the SUV tried to ram Speedy so i told him to kill him because he is rulebreaking (RMD and VDM) so the guy that were in the SUV jumped out the car with a gun... that is the reason why speedy shoot him instead of taze him, cause we thought these guys want our blood. after that we restrained the guy named Oussama we thought the situation is "clear" so we started reading him the rights and things... after we were dealing with the restrained guy we saw a squadbike driving pasted. we ANPRed this vehicle and saw it was Vladimir again, so that is the reason why we restrained him.. We tried to solve it out but Vladimir Putinkov and Oussama were just screaming in the microphones and telling it was a joke.

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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wtf why am i being reported?

U fucking know i bought my gun after all this shit happend i dindt have a gun so dont come here and report me i have nothing to do with this and i would like you to put my name away from this report

On the video u can see me just getting a gun from the shop when the cops arrested me on the tower

Edited by Oussama
less swearing
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