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Currently, I feels as though a lot of the map isn't being used at all. My suggestion is to add a new run, the actual wording and ideas can be changed but this is what I've got:

The run would involve the process of gaining counterfeit items (Phones, watches, bags etc.). Similar to the plastic dump, at GRIDREF 203109 there is a small dump, near Chalkeia, the roleplay behind it would be that it'd be full of junk and scrap (Maybe considered a scrap yard on the map) that could contain the components to create these fake items. The items could be called counterfeit components or scrap.

You would then travel to a small warehouse (Perhaps GRIDREF 212165 near Paros) where you would create these counterfeit items in a sweatshop-like environment.

The trader could perhaps be the dome by Sofia (253218) to spread out the map a bit more. I must say, it's a long run so the trader could be moved closer. Right now the Pyrgos/Sofia area isn't being used at all and, if this run was profitable, it could work very well.

The items could weigh 5 storage space and maybe cost ~6000 each resulting in a £840,000 run in a HEMTT for a long ass run, which makes sense considering Gucci handbags are worth so much (Granted, they don't take up as much space as cocaine but shhhh).

Of course it'd be illegal because they're counterfeit. The names of the items and the run itself could be changed, but that part of the map needs to be used more.

A processor in the red zone might add a certain element of risk to this new idea involving the aircraft carrier btw.

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10 minutes ago, Tidus said:

Well you could have 2 choice within the same run, if you go to the counterfeit place it would become illegal or you could make it into something else which would be legal

If it was considered counterfeit it wouldn't really make sense to have both options. The illegal option should always be worth more but if this was true it shouldn't.

Maybe you have to process it again if you want it to be legal and worth a bit more?

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