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Drug prices


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Aah drugs, who doesnt like it? Its a good income of money and a fun run to do with alot of interaction. Ya'll know that we have a dynamic market, but the problem im seeing is that if weed drops to around 3k it still pays more than lets take cocaine for example. Cocaine is pain in the ass to do in comparison to weed. Im not saying move to weed processor around but I would like to see a change in the pricing cocaine and heroin, cause right now its not really worth it, you can better stick to weed, same amount of money and a faster run.

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not true mate, cocaine and herroin give you 20% more than weed,

Dont go off llooking at the market prices, remember the drug dealerrs give yyou a different amount of money, weed is 5250 per 1, as its 4200 standard plus the 1.25 multiplier, cocaine is 6350 per item, we just need to rejig the weighting slightly, and there is more being addded.

But with the persistant Dynamic market, it should not matter at all, as the price will get so low its pointless, then you kinda have to do the others.

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