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So probably my biggest gripe when playing on the server has to be decamping/exiting from a vehicle only to holster the weapon, I would much prefer if maybe when you decamped it was already holstered and it unholstered, I understand (well I believe) the holster is to stop people just driving round decamping on people in gunfights which the effort is definitely applaudable but it's just more of a hindrance then anything now.

Please take the suggestion of it maybe unholstering when you exit the vehicle into consideration :)

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Well it has got some good reasoning behind it, but it is also extremely fun decamping to spray, so I do miss that tbh....

Im not sure if this is doable, but what would be nice is if that script with holstering applies to all vehicles like hatchbacks, suvs, and offroads and trucks but doesnt apply to MRAPS (ifrits, striders, and hunters)

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So you can jump out of vehicles spraying people? because that's fun...

and don't say no, because I've had it happen a tonne of times...

"I have a gun to your head, get out the vehicle, and put your hands on your head".......

rip neo 20**.... for actually trying roleplay.

This is an RP server.... You might hate it, but if rebels started doing it non-stop to the police, I can see less and less police coming on.

It makes life a bit more difficult, but forces more tactics and teamwork over spraying and praying.

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29 minutes ago, Neo said:

"I have a gun to your head, get out the vehicle, and put your hands on your head".

Nice Powergaming neo.

  • B: Powergaming

Power gaming is basically creating impossible situations that are outside the mechanics of the game. For example, do not sit in the back of someone's car and tell the driver ÔÇ£I have got a gun to your headÔÇØ

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