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Roleplay Story

Hellooooo, my name is Mr.DoomBerry and I'm a traveller. I was brought up in the United Kingdom in the Leicester area. When I was 24 I followed in my dads footsteps and became a police officer for 4 years and was awarded "fattest pig of the year award" but decided to take an early retirement as when my parents died I inherited a few hundred thousand pounds. I moved to California and occasionally visited the Oregon area. Eventually though I found a hole in my pocket and the money fell right through it, before I knew it I was in serious dept and knew I had to move. I payed off my dept with my remaining money and managed to book a flight to Altis in late October. I invested in a temporary apartment in Sofia and have been scavenging for money so I can make a living. My mind is telling me to join the cops again but laws are different to the UK and it sounded quite risky with all the gangs and crime. Anyway who knows what will happen next maybe I'll get lucky and find out my mums friends sister is a millionaire and help me out but for now I'm stuck here.

Real Life Story

My name is Jack and some may know me, some may not (hopefully for good reasons). I like to think of myself as a very social person when I get in the mood and would much rather chose fun in a game than shoot 'em up. I'm 14 years old and 15 just round the bend so taking my GCSE's at the minute. I have played games as a hobby for years now and I enjoy playing around with scripting whether it's on codecademy or even in Arma 3. Don't call me a dev I'm still learning but I'm hoping to be getting up in the big league when I'm old so if you want you can call me Mark Zuckerburg Junior. Maybe if I feel like it I will add to my stories but for now I'm just letting you scrape off the tip of the iceberg. See you in game!

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