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    The INDEV version of the server stats has currently been made LIVE.

    There are plans to extend this, but there was a bit of demand for even a "basic" version.

    So, expect more styling, details, and searching, along with more stats coming soon!



    IT Will be mobile/cell friendly soon.

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    Update:  20/08/2020 

    Edited the Altis stats page to be more inline with the current theme

    Removed sidebar from Altis stats page

    Removed main topic view header ("Forums / Start New Topic")

    Removed search bar from top navigation (you can still search by going to browse > search)


    If you find any bugs then please submit a bug report

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    Updated: 20/09/2020

    Edited topic view on mobile to be less squashed

    Archived old/outdated categories and topics

    Suggestions moved to Altis Life category

    • All suggestions will be in one category now
    • Accepted suggestions will be moved to accepted after which they will be moved to archived after they are implemented
    • All old denied/completed suggestions can be viewed in the suggestions archive

    Q&A moved to support category

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