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  • knock Knock! ........... Who's There?.......... THE POLICE, HANDS UP OR BE TASED!!!
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    So, we've decided to keep sections of discord open to public, and we'll also be adding channels in for the police, and AMS! but that's not forum news....

    So, in regards to this thread:

    I've made quite a few tweakes to the mobile/cellular design.

    Firstly, until a few tweaks are made to the logo, it will no longer show on your phones.

    Sidebar has been removed from the "bottom" and a few other tweaks...

    My own testing seems to work well like this, but please provide feedback in the thread above.



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    I was hesitant at first, as it's used elsewhere, but today we've moved a new "Theme" called Villain (most common IPS forum theme....)

    I've started work customising it to make it OURS, and there's still loads of work togo before we can start calling it reborn 2.0.

    So, Changelog!

    • Old theme disabled, and already have 6 people tell me "thank fuck" gg genuine, you weren't first.
    • Villain installed
    • New Footer allowing easy link finding
    • a few weeks ago whilst working on the theme you may have noticed forms disappear, they're being linked to directly, or replaced. You can easily apply to factions using footer links or here: 0ba04c6903bcd8c21105d4fd585124d4.png
    • We've made the forum dynamic to your monitor. Whilst fixed width makes life easier, on widescreen monitors, it was a LOAD of wasted space. So now it will be 80% of your browser until you hit tablet (then phone) dimensions
    • First work has begun on integrating Stats. So make sure your playerID's are on your profiles as features start to show!

    This is the first milestone in heading to reborn2.0

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    Been a while since I updated this... whoops.....

    Updated 10/05/2018 18:55.

    Police Application Forums;

    • Users will be able to see their own police applications and replies.

    This should fix the errors people have been receiving when posting a police application.

    @Brian @dary; @Jonson @Alex Jordan, etc etc.

    Police "PTO" Forum group can see all applications and manage them.

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    Hey all,

    As you have noticed, there's been an update to the forum theme.

    As we approach winter, the heat of the jungle is dying down and we're starting to feel the breeze of Autumn, and soon Winter. With this, we've updated the background of our theme to a lovely image of Kavala bay taken from our server. The keen eye will notice its a lot brighter due to this change, and we felt we needed to start freshening up the place. There's still work being done, however, all the forum icons have been replaced with nice vivid colour editions if there are unread posts. Gotta love the ban appeal cry!

    We've been working to increase the speed and response of the forums with IPSFocus, the place we purchase our forum theme (you can usually find me helping people in their support forums), as such, any major issues please report them on our forums so I can pass them on.

    There are still some issues, and some new ones that have popped up. Our dev install of the forums does not have all the mods, and also runs on a development build of the forum software, and therefore some things were missed.


    ODhYW <---- WILL BE FIXED!

    I'll be working on lots of features over the coming days, weeks and months.

    Please use the suggestion forums! They're there to be used!


    Forum software updated.
    CSS Updated
    New wallpaper for forums taken by Neo
    New icons on forums
    Updated old code for some of our custom plugins.

    Aware of some persistent issues such as steam status not displaying correctly inline, and colour match problems.


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    Despite it saying we can post tweets for you, this is not the case, essentially you can elect forum posts you make to be posted as tweets.

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