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Some of you will know who i am from prior interactions and others will not, ill start from the beginning however so we are all on the same page :)

Im Dan from Kent which is defined as the 'Garden Of England', i am 28 and share my birthday with my triplet brother and sister.

Gaming has been something i have loved alongside comics since i knew how to say the words. starting on original dos games and the mega drive, saturn etc. got my first taste of online gaming when i started playing Runescape on its launch back in the day and my taste for multiplayer has never ceased from that point.

My enjoyment for comics and comic movies are absolute, started collecting comics again 3 years ago and read some fantastic story arcs on my favourite DC and Marvel characters. i have all the marvel and DC mainline films from Superman which is still my favourite classic. ill cut this part short as i could talk comics all day.

Formed a gang back on the ps3 called Barbaric Gaming' which in 2014 i brought to the pc and formed the gang on Altis Life. met alot of people along the way, gone from a high number of members to very few but having ICE and Zack in my ranks is great as they are completely loyal with no power hungriness or ulterior motives and have always remained loyal to the BG name from the time they joined to now.

Play alot of games currently from Rocket League and Fifa 17 to co op missions on arma 3, GTA V , modded Minecraft and the Division which hasnt been played in a beat but i still like it alot.

Neo and Fuel have create something very admirable in this community and i tip my had to them both as im sure you will all do the same, transparency is somethin missing from all comminities so it is good to see they have it here.

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