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Ban Appeal: Xavier Angel (FiveM)


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In-game name:
Xavier Angel


Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on?

Date of ban:

Reason for ban:
Poor RP/ RDM

Staff member that banned you:

Why do you think you were banned:
Because I shot and downed officers running into a drug processing location while I was a wanted felon with multiple attempted murder of government employee charges, a minimum of 300 months awaiting me and a city wide bounty out for me and my friends.

Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:
I believe so, due to the fact that if me and my mates are shoot on sight or arrest on sight and the cocaine processing warehouse I'm in is rushed my multiple officers with weapons out It's pretty justifiable in Roleplay terms to shoot at the officers who didn't feel the need to roleplay as police officers and let themselves be known from outside the building and try to deescalate and get us to surrender instead of bursting through with guns drawn at close proximity.

If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned:
Looking from the perspective of police that have breached unknowingly being waited for by 2 crims and being taken all down could seem like "poor RP" but If we don't shoot on sight our lives are inherently more danger as the reinforcements stack up from outside and we're literally both gunned down simply because the police didn't attempt to make contact from outside the building or room.

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