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4 hours ago, Johnnyyy said:

correct your not suited for the role, me and rambo instantly regretted giving it to you in the first place, and well kyle can speak for himself on your position

I mean at first I was rather annoyed at him being given senior trainer over me, just like how I was annoyed at you getting deputy. But personally I think he's done something right considering he's the last first wave of new gen tfu to still be there . But after you had left he started growing into the role a lot and helped me a large bit with actually running the unit up until I was removed. 


Also who cares if he's addicted to the game, when I joined cops on the 13th of april i no lifed the fuck out of it getting like 10+hrs a day and I literally went outside 5x over the course of my summer holidays which for reference was the 28/06/2021 till the 17/08/2021 so quit this petty argument man it's a game people log on to have fun

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  • Terry. locked this topic
  • Terry. unlocked this topic

ingame name : Bamba

Hours on arma: 846h

Steam id:  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198157502756/

Roleplay skill: i was a rebel and a criminal player in an italian server. Altis Life Reloaded [Closed]

About you: i'm an italian 18 years old player.

RP background:

What sort of gang are you interested in?:  I need a gang that is respected and on the side of the population, and against all kinds of abuse of power.

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