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I captured an area but lost it almost immediately


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I captured this area on the map. When I was at 80% the clan Skapel came and tried to kill us. We held them off and won and got our own rebel outpost. After 10 minutes we noticed a capture area on the map that skalpel were taking. After 1-2 minutes we lost our Rebel Outpost. What's the point in taking that area if a clan can instantly come and capture it back. I am kinda new.


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56 minutes ago, greycarton said:

First off it's a combat zone. The gang base that it gives you gives you big discounts, you get a 40k paycheck, and you get a 10% cut of all drugs sold (I think it's 10%). When you get the base you want to go back to the zone to try to hold the base as it is really helpful.

So its very hard to take it for a longer time than 10 minutes as a duo? (We are a duo)


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