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Permanent Unban Appeal - hat


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In-game name:


Player Identifier (Steam ID/TS UID/Discord #/Forum Profile)


Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on?


Date of ban:


Reason for ban:


Staff member that banned you:

Not sure

Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:


Why should we unban you?

During my time away from the discord I have realised how annoying I was being with my attempts at jokes. I am sorry about that. My only intentions were to make people smile abut I can see how it was unhelpful and annoying, especially considering my history on the server and discord. Due to my discord ban I have become unable to progress through the ranks in the police and it has been demoralising to play. If I were to gain access back to the discord I would only want to use the police channels to communicate with my fellow officers. I would also like to join back into academy and train new officers once again. I am sorry for causing the staff irritation in the support channels.

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