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The Altis Triads

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About Us:

The Altis Triads is a gang that was formed in Hong Kong China which was founded in 1919 by a Mr Wei Cheng. After hating the Chinese government's rules and procedures we decided to choose the rebel life and make a new world order of the rules we believe is fair for everyone. We decided after taking over China, that we moved to another location where gangs ruled the streets of Los Santos. Here we stood our ground and made a name for ourselves as the biggest drug dealing gang in Los Santos and Blaine County, and did not let anyone step in our way. After many wars within Los Santos and the surrounding areas we finally won and decided a new challenge was a foot. This was to go to one of the many greek islands located in the vicinity called Altis. Here we believe the challenge will be the biggest yet but the succession is the highest.


Please fill in the application below and you will be messaged on the forums with your result.



Please give this a read.



Members and their ranks below.


Good luck to those applying!


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