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Petition to limit Hatchback drivers


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From my experiences hatchback drivers are the equivalent to BMW owners IRL, never looking where they are going and always causing a crash, the simple solution is to only have 2 hatchbacks per 100 players.

This video below is of myself nearly being taken out by a hatchback as they decided to reverse and make the gap smaller for myself.



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57 minutes ago, Shepherd-Price said:

Probably the worst suggestion I’ve seen, your a medic so crashes are literally 50% of your patients, AAA would be devastated and hardly fair when cops can just zoom past you in their hatchback sports while you try going fast in a SUV

thats why this is in general discussion chat not suggestion

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8 hours ago, OutSyder said:

I've checked your video. you are driving more on the wrong side then the correct side of the road.

learn to drive fist before complaining.


kind regards


I've checked your spelling sir and maybe you should as well before trying to put someone down.


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