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Tire Initiation

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2 questions to clarify for situations that these may arise:

  1. Can police tire initiate stolen police cars before waiting 2 minutes?
  2. Can police tire initiate before 2 minutes on any vehicle as long as they still wait the 2 minutes before shooting?
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8.1.18 - When chasing a vehicle you should aim to spike strip them instead of tyre initiating. We understand this does not always work however, so if you need to tyre initiate then you may do so at any time however you must ensure you have chased them for two min before shooting.

You can initiate whenever but must chase for 2 minutes before shooting.

In regards to stolen police cars, treat them as any other car but you do not need to ANPR them or check if they are wanted, since they are in a marked car. 

TLDR: Initiate anytime then chase for 2 minutes before shooting. Goes for all vehicles.

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1. Yes (if it is their car) if they have no vehicle to chase you with and have no back up then they can immediatelyshoot your tires 

2.  Police must chase you for 2 mins so they can initiate immediately then chase for 2 mins then shoot your tires or chase for 2 mins then initiate and immediately shoot your tires 

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