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Hello, Hola, Bonjour!

My Name is Dogster11 and over the last few months, i've had the privilege of being part of this wonderful community. I have made many friends and have made lots of memories across the whole server. I have decided that it is my time to give back to this community in what ever way possible. So hence, Dogster's blog.

So, Who am I? I currently live just south of London and i am currently balancing school with being in the RAF reserves. I am lucky enough that i love both school and my job and i have very supportive friends and family.  I currently live with my parents and my dog, Paddy.  I haven't seen as much or lived as much as others who have made blog posts so i apologise if it isn't that interesting :). 

I started playing Arma at Christmas last year, when  a Mr @PinguSurprise pretty much forced me to get it. I played a lot of the campaign initially and the odd bit of KOTH.  However, Pingu then introduced me to reborn around the time of the UK's third lockdown, and well, its all been an upwards journey from there.  I initially joined the server to learn to roleplay, and believe me i did. 

I applied for police around the 12th of February and the medics around the 15th. Initially i didn't like police, but i really fell in love with medics. I used to be always found sat in on duty one or two in the mornings. I was basically the early morning response medic. You're welcome.  However, i gave the police another shot and damn am i glad i did. Throughout that time i met some incredible people, who i have made very fond memories with. As both my police and medical career advanced, i found myself spending more and more time playing this game that i didn't even want to get initially. 

At some point, someone decided that i had potential and i was selected to be the new Kavala surgeon, and honestly, i was very proud. I was proud that all my hard work had been noticed.  Not long after i got Inspector in academy and once again, i was very proud. However, around this time i realised that maybe i had taken too much on, and i wasn't managing myself and my time properly. My motivation fell and i had the worst week i've had in months. However,  when i was ready to come back, reborn was there for me. A big up to @AzzaG for helping me recently. I learnt how to manage my time properly and how to balance everything i want to do. 

So now what?

Well, i intend to keep working hard and hopefully find new ways to give back to this awesome community. 

My closing remarks for this post?:

Don't bite off more then you can chew. 

If anyone ever needs to talk, my discord DM's are always open

Until the next time,



Signing Off

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