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    Auto Kick AFK Medics

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    There no need to have an auto kick for medics as at times they may have to step away for an legitimate reason or could just be busy with calls as at busier times and the server is full they struggle to reconnect 

    Also if you find a medic that is AFK then you should report it to NHS command first  or if there is an admin in game then ask them to check and they can kick them 

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    There is a bunch of things that could be happening which leads us to being unable to attend a revive. For example: It could be an active sit or gunshots on arrival meaning we can not enter until 3mins after the last gun shot, we could of been told not to go in by armed rebels or cops or civs, we could have a legit reason to step away from the computer like doorbell or peeing something (we log out if we are gonna be longer than 5mins), we could already be attending people or the very worst we could of crashed or died.


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