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    In-game name:

    Not sure, was masked.

    Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


    Date of the incident:


    Time of the incident:

    Around 11 PM CT

    What rule do you believe was broken:

    Ran into green zone after being initiated on

    Any evidence available:


    Describe the incident:

    After chasing a car for some time, we hoped out and both initiated on him, in which he then fled into green zone.

    Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


    Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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    Where do I even start? First and foremost the roleplay showcased from your gang in the video is very poor. I can't tell if you also initiated on the vehicle becasue your audio isn't included in the video but from what I can see you open fire on the vehicle before your friend has even finished his initiation and then he also starts shooting at the vehicle immediately after, giving no time for them to comply. Nonetheless 113629 and his friend did flee into the greezone, on top of that he starts shooting at you inside the greenzone.

    @Vietnamese Do you have a video that shows who the driver of the vehicle is, because as far as I'm concerned 113629 was the guy in the back of the vehicle and not the actual driver?

    @FRI3NDLY I will give you some time to reply regarding shooting in greenzone as you have already been warned about this by another admin two days ago.


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    We barely had any chance to react we were already turning into the greenzone by the time he "iniated".

    As you can clearly see in the video we had picked up a bit of speed and already turning, he shot about 0.5 seconds after he finished his (again in qoutes) "initation"

    When he pulled up on me in the greenzone I was expecting to get killed on sight so in self defence I shot him and his friends when they were exiting the vehicle.

    Apolgies for shooting.

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    @FRI3NDLY Not sure who you are trying to fool with that statement, from when you got initiated on you were approximately 150m away from the greenzone so that argument is not valid at all.
    As for the evidence, the video has since been removed and no further evidence has been provided to show who the driver of the vehicle was, I can only assume its your friend but without proof I can't do much.
    Do your friend a favor and let him know not to flee into green zone for safety as it is a rulebreak.

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