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Reborn Roleplay - Kavala Police Station Design - [80% Designed]

Brandon Rogers

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My internet was down yesterday so I literally was desciding where to design a Police Station or locate it in a nice position :D Here my design :D

@Fuel @Neo @IceZaroth @Genesis @GenuineAF

Isnt fully dont because need to do the textures on billboard etc.

Kavala Police Station Picture #1


Kavala Police Station Picture #2


Front View

Small church as well because if a player wants to pray before they go to jail.


Small Cells

Located behind the Main Reception.

This is so you dont need to send them for jail just give them a small cooldown for like shouting or driving wrong side of the round and etc, You can put players in there when escorting and then the player can sit or lay down on the bed, You can get player back out when you tell the player to go to the window part and restrain him and escort him out.


Interview / Interrogation Area


Back Area


Shooting Range with Targets.


I hope you enjoy :)

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