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    my pc audio is just broken

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    I built a new pc yesterday and everythings fine and working. Except for today, I bought a new pair of Astro A10's and I've plugged them in. 


    For some reason only the left ear works, it sounds laggy / quiet / muffled and the microphone isn't working, I think this is a issue with my pc or software. I've tried updating my windows, motherboard bios / drivers, etc but nothing has fixed it. Can anyone help?

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    As said above, check that the cables are pushed right in, the fact that it's only 1 ear would suggest this,

    I would also try the following steps if you can:


    • Try your headset in another PC
    • Try another headset in your PC

    This will help identify whether your Headset might need be to sent back (if it's fully plugged in) or whether your audio drivers / software could be the fault. Get back to us when you've tried these sets and we can see what we can do :)

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    8 hours ago, Lester said:

    I dont know if its USB or jack.


    If its jack where have you plugged it into? If you're using the jacks on your case try the ones on your motherboard. Its possible you messed up the case panel connectors or the cable is just fucked.

    I've tried all 3, legit just tried using a USB adapter, I think my motherboards fucked tbh smh

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