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    Opinions on removing the Gold Trader Warzone


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    want some opinions on the gold trader warzone cause from police side its pretty boring to play, and ive heard the same from most rebel gangs no idea why it was suggested to be put back into rotation as the only good points to play are the gold trader itself and the bottom right point.


    but apart from that im wondering what others think to remove it and maybe make a complete new one somewhere else or even editing a existing warzone

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    TBH I dont find it much fun, you have to drive over a million hills to get to most points then you just get shot in the back when you decamp cos there are a million hills around.

    I dont mind giving it a chance for rebels once there are closer spawns to gear and shit although I also wouldnt mind if it was got straight away!

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    23 minutes ago, Scott McTavish said:

    People wanted it back > Adds it back > People want it gone 🤔

    People want new warzones >> Don't give us locations >> ????? 

    You've already said that on another thread yet here people are still complaining about it being shit. You realise you don't have to put another one in to be able to remove this one from the loop?

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    i dont see a issue with warzone just leave the ones we have apart from this everyone likes the ones we have so why not keep them having a bad one in the loop makes people log off or do something else


    og, one above TFU HQ, pygros, Gangbases and athira are all good warzone everyone likes i think these should be the only ones in rotation.

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