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    when are we getting a opfor faction

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    A "using blackwater as a template" wont work... It'd be same shit with same problems.   I have plans and ideas but have had a week off after recent ddos crap.       Soon

    Warzones were definitely more lively when Blackwater was around

    when are we getting a opfor faction? 

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    2 hours ago, Scott McTavish said:

    Don't add another OPFOR faction!

    There is no solution, it starts off with good command at the start, they leave and then it slowly goes through command members who are either incompetent or turn the faction into a friends circle.

    100% understand your reasoning for not wanting another one but having an OPFOR faction kept things interesting for both civs and cops. As you say, the problem wasn't with blackwater itself it was the command. If management ran the faction it would definitely be alot better but obviously that takes alot of time and dedication.

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    2 hours ago, Sneakymallard said:

    That's usually what happens. However by that logic one could argue that every command structure on the server is compromised in this way - surely its something that's better accepted and mitigated rather than not listening to the suggestions of the player base? - it seems disingenuous to apply the "compromised command" logic only to the opfor faction without acknowledging its presence in all factions or power-structure systems on the server and in real life - and if not , then you'll find the solution within those other hierarchies that aren't incompetent.

    Leadership is a concept that's been tackled by philosophers and leaders for thousands of years in "The Republic." , "The Artharastra" etc etc - we've been trying to get it RIGHT for a long time - yet we still live in hierarchies. In light of this the suggestion that an OpFor faction simply should not exist because the concept of "good leadership" is contested would be disingenuous. I am aware that this is a game, but hierarchies tend to function similarly in real life on the social, and sometimes but not always on the policy level.

    The reasoning is rather Lazy (not you.)


    It's more the fact spending all the time making a new faction to have history repeat itself

    Syndicate > Vanguard > Camorra > Blackwater > ?????

    It's soul destroying getting constant complaints about a faction,  getting spammed to remove them, trying to make changes only for it to revert to the same shit a few weeks later

    I just cannot be arsed with the drama

    3 minutes ago, Kenji said:

     If management ran the faction it would definitely be alot better but obviously that takes alot of time and dedication.

    Do you really think we have time to do that, nor would we want too.

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