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WhiteListed Mafia


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for the server would it be possible to add like a whitelisted mafia, like to control the drug dealer such as people sell the drugs to the mafia such as they contact the mafia online and say they have some drugs they want to sell and then the mafia contact back and tell them a location to meet up, both parties then meet up at this set location and then a deal is exchanged. And after the deal is exchanged the mafia do all the risky stuff such as avoid the police or getting ambushed and then they either go to the drug dealer or sell it on the streets. Mafia. We are suggesting this because it involves an entire new aspect of roleplay adding the job to control your own drug trade but wait there's more. There could be a mafia based where only the mafia could access like a safe zone. Where the stuff can be exchanged. The mafia could wear things such as masked so they never show off their identify to no one. Not only drugs the mafia could smuggle other things on to the island such as guns, money, bomb anything and sell it on to the people that need it! Smuggling and doing illegal trading will add something new and exciting different ideas of roleplaying to the sever. They could also get their own weapons that no one else can access on the island just the mafia, it could be the same gun but adding an new exciting camo so the mafia have something new, and then people can then buy the guns off the mafia or try and kill the mafia and try and rob the guns and the gear! I could help runs this and recruit new people, i just believe this will add something new and could get more people as this would be new to altis and could get more people on the server and try this out! I just feel it could be a good idea:)

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I told you I would take a look at it, sorry it took me so long I am rather snowed under,

The idea is great in principle, but you would have the issue of nobody can do anything illegal if the mafia is not online, thats if its scripted anyway, that part I can do its simple, but making it so people are screwed if you are not online, we could make it so if there is no mafia members online civs can use the standard drug dealers, but what if 1 member comes on line and is idle, then the server is broke once again, so we could script it so there must be 10 members online, similar to the HM, that would mean a whole load of code needs creating and more than likely weeks of work, I do like the idea, and there is something in it, but for now this will have to be put on a back burner while we work through the other stuff.

this is still possible within RP, I remember @Samurai @Vlad Vagin myself and a multiple other PLF members have done it, and was quite successful, we started running out of places to store the drugs, do it within RP for now offer people a few 100k per truck some protection from the police, and no risk at the drug dealer and people soon come running.

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