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    How bad can it be?

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    How HARD can it be?


    Hey! my name is Lightning the secund. 

    I have been thining about this a long time that how the world can be so dark. How people being treated as they where not worth anyhing. One of these people was me the person that join the server not beacuse i wanted to do some rp. it was not even that i wanted to have new freinds. Cloud it be beacuse of that i wanted to feel loved. NO it´s nothing of theses reasons why i keep going in to this server. The reson why i still come in here to this butiefull comunity is, not for the people that are in my faction. its not beacuse my love to help and learn other players how to play. No its beacuse of a person that have helped me from the first time i started to play on this game. its the person that i growed to love as a very good friend. The friend that help me from the first moment when i dident know anything about this server and how to play as medic. the person that helping all the new people in game. The person that makes people feel like hummans again. the man that did make my life countine, and my man to help me overcome my fears. This man have not just helped me with my social life in IRL. He have helpt me more to feel cofident and learning me gramas in english. this man is not just a legdegen in my eyes. Hes my heroe. This man that could have been everyone.....

    That man is going to allways be in my heart. As a man and allsow the perosn in rp. 

    Even in the darkest day of time that i have ever hade in my life he was there. The man that did give me light and joy. He was there when i hade no where to go and dident know which direction i should go. He helpt me when no one else in the community that i did know i that period of time, wanted to help me. he did stay there next to me in wet and dry days and helpt me throught the tuffest of times. This man is not only one of the kindes and moste polite persons that i have ever seen in this game. This man is not only a good,protective, learning and good teachser. hes a very good outstanding staff and a dubblet more as a medic. even if he can be slow and takining hes time, he allways get the job done in the bestes way posssible in the moment of times.

    He´s not just a fighter, that want to get the goal done. He is the person that understand his  crew and the people that he working with. He is the guy that care more about the people around him first to then later achive the goal that they have as a group. beacuse he thinks of his team before the mission. beacuse without the team, you can never aschive the goal that you as a group want´. 

    its not going one day that i think of a medic that are GP + that dident jump down and did speak with the lower ranks in medic. they did just sit up there and did do there thinks. The only time they did jump down was when some of the lower rank people hade done something wrong. accept this person this man have allways been the "Peoples Leader" and going to allways be even if he only have darkness around him. He is going to never give up the hopps to make this life and this server good and he allways want to improv him self in all matters of time even if its not looking like that. 

    this mans namn gose by the namn of PHILL. The man that have been opening my eyes and changes the way i did rp, but mostily how i look on my self. Beacuse i was a person that nobody did love and the person that people wanted in there life and only sayed " you are a idiot" or "you are ugly and you cant do anything right!". Phill did open my eyes and did make me realise that im actually better then all the people thing about me.  He was even there for me when  my parents did kick me out form the house and he was one of the few people that i feelt that i could speak to when i didnet have anyone else. 

    It make me sad and depressed that this man dos not get the love he deserves. And that this man have tryed hes very best to have it fun and having a good time on the server when people treating him like shit. I think that he has been on this server to long so i hope one day he getts a book writen on hes namn. and that he get a good promotion in all hes love that he has given me and the ather medical personal on this server.  

    I want to allso thanks Thomas for hes little he did help me in the passed. 





    Thanks you, PHILL and the community for all the help that i have got 

    Take care and stay safe. 

    Merry Chrismas and ha happy new year!

    god bless you all!

    with all my love form // Lightning the secund,  Medical Liaison Officer


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