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    Further security on choppable vehicles


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    I propose adding a security level 6 on vehicles that can be chopped, the proposal i'm putting across will most likely only be used for more expensive vehicles but theoretically people could add it to all of them.

    The proposal:

    Security level 6

    • The time to cut increases further but not too much

    • Price would be 500k +

    • Once you have security level 6 and someone steals your vehicle and begins to chop, BW and police are automatically called.

    • Existing GPS Marker on what shop they're at continues to stay.


    Would be a good money dump

    Increase security on high end vehicles

    Would give police and blackwater some further things to do

    Let me know what you think,


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    1 hour ago, _Lewis_ said:

    maybe not alert police and BW as police would crush it if its a mrap and bw would probs chop it for themselves 

    Didn't think about that for police, but BW could do it and just not be allowed to chop it, would be purely their job to protect it in this instance

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