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    Medic Announcement 17/11/2020

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    Announcement 17/11/2020

    Hello! We'd like to keep all the Medics updating on changes that we're implementing...

    Lead HR rank will change from SUR > CST
    Deputy HR rank will change from X Rank to SUR

    Lead S&R will change from SUR > CST
    Deputy HR will change from X Rank to SUR

    HR will become a new trust, the aim behind this change is to bring in more CST's to fight for the CMO spots and have more of
    a succession plan in place and train CST's up so they can step into a CMO role when one comes up.

    The new HR trust will be primarily made up of HR members, we're looking at ways that HR members can be rewarded for the hard work they do
    The Lead and Deputy as well as managing HR would also be in charge of promotions and demotions for their trust

    we're also currently looking at additional ranks that could be added in between Paramedic and JDOC
    to slow down the progressions to keep higher ranks stacking up we've had a few ideas such as "Senior Paramedic" etc, will keep you updated regarding these

    So would like to congratulate the following people

    Frodo SUR > CST
    Kaias SUR 

    Crimson SUR > CST
    Kieron GP > SUR

    If you have any suggestions you want to put forward as we do read them please fill in the following link


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