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Calling all Designers

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Good Morning my lovely lovely people,

This morning I was sat at work thinking of what needs to be built in Altis, and I started thinking of the AMS - Altis Medical Services for those that do not know yet.

I started writing down ideas, and how I wanted it to look, then I thought why am I doing this, as it may not be what everyone wants.

So carrying on in the spirit that we started with, "A community built for the people, and mostly by the people."

I would like someone to send some ideas or designs to me for the following:

  1. Kavala Hospital - same place as it is now.
  2. Athira hospital - will require a new office building being placed - not in the center of town but slightly north.
  3. Pyrgos Hospital - Use one of the existing office building one of the 3 next to each other.
  4. Sofia Hospital - location doesnt matter you choose.

Rules for buildings

  • We do not want 3000 items for each hospital, keep it to a minimum, if its not needed for the RP dont put it in.
  • Every single item needs this in the init code "this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false;" (not the cheque boxes, write it in the init box).
  • Do Not put any NPC's down.
  • Do Not use any apex items.

There will be other things that needs to be built, so if you have any ideas let me know, I look forward to looking through the designs.

Much Love

Fuel xx

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@Fuel - I present to you the Sofia NHS Substation


The mission.sqm is a grand total of 32.0kb (obviously excluding those 2 ugly skins I made, yikes)

I went to this location as it is an area that doesn't have any purchasable buildings so there is no risk of anyone losing any houses if this "sub-station" were to be implemented, additionally to that I don't think it currently serves any major importance that couldn't be easily moved.

The small little substation has room for a helipad and the cars can be spawned between the HQ and small cargo posts OR, as an alternative, they could also be spawned on the helipad but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea cos potential booms with people spawning a helicopter and car at the same time. Idiots will figure out a way to kill themselves with it that way I'm sure.

I figured with Sofia being a typically rebel-infested area and the cops rarely straying this far east It would make sense that this is a much smaller more easily regulated facility. It wouldn't be used by your typical doctors and nurses, this would be the type of place that you would use to stabilise critical patients and get them ready to be moved to a more permanent facility, such as Pyrgos or Kavala. This is the type of station that could be dismantled and moved once the situation has changed (within RP)

I've compiled a small imgur gallery of photos so you can see exactly what it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/vyQl9iy

Before: After:


Due to the tiny size, I can send it to anyone on discord who needs it, if you want it. No harm if its a nope.

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