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    In-game name:


    Steam ID:


    Date of ban:


    Reason for ban:


    Staff member that banned you:


    Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

    In some ways yes, and in some other ways no. also i cant remember the date of the ban sorry.

    Why should we unban you?

    i think that you should unban me because i wasn't cheating obviously you won't believe me one bit but i've been playing multiple different servers since my ban on reborn, i believe that you should unban me so i can show to you that i wasn't cheating in the first place i've also been actively been playing through multiple ban waves of popular cheats and still havent been banned yet don't know if that means anything to you but just putting it out there i hope you look through this and give me a chance to play again if i were to be unbanned i don't mind following any rules of desktop recording my gameplay at all as i already do it on gta. only admitted to cheating cause i was told it was easier to get unbanned that way.

    One of the reasons i got banned was because i had video on my youtube with a fraggy from 2 years ago were ive got esp on a server called ALRP, I got excutede on me by a friend, if u watch the video you can see that i only got esp on to like 50 seconds in the video, and that is because i logged off. I logged back in at a later moment and dindt have esp. Apprantly i am also a ddos. I dont know how to ddos or anything in that order, so i dont really see why i got banned for that too. I was in a discord server with like 100 other kids from the moddede community, the discord was WIFI Gang, i dont get why i'm getting seen as ddoser just because i was in there public discord?

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