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    In-game name:


    Steam ID:


    Date of ban:


    Reason for ban:

    "Inviting Hackers"

    Staff member that banned you:


    Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

    Yes. Ive been playing for 2 years and Ive not once assiociated with a hacker. They think its Jimmy, from what I have heard I sound like Jimmy (I dont know if it is a joke) but, the guy in discord had an asian/british voice.

    Why should we unban you?

    I have been playing the server for 2 years and I have always played it legit. Ive sent DM's to Fuel and Neo's discord about any hacker cases on the server within the instance. I have always enjoyed playing the server and always will. I have stayed loyal to it and always will. So if this gets denied, just note I will keep on trying. Take a look at my battlemetrics, I have literally no lifed the server for ages and Ive gone through ups and downs and Ive learnt so much from it, and I dont want it to end in such a annoying way. -Newbie,Singles,One,Logic (recent) - LOL

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