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Arma 3 APEX Giveaway


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As the title says, i will give away Arma 3 Apex to.. one lucky winner

All you need to do is:

Make one million pounds ingame today, and send proof ;)

Tell me why you have joined this community

Link your favourite song

And last but not least, tell me what you will do if you win ;)

EVERYONE may enter.

Fill in the questions/tasks above in the comment section

Winners will be drawn randomly at the 28th. Good luck!

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So ive got 12 Million as been on the server from the start got people on here and help as many people out:) i made 2 mill this morning

i joined as i'm a big fan of neos and fuels work and i just want to help a new server get started and help it become the best it can be! I play the server everyday for hours as you know already! I've been here from the start, ive very dedicated to the server even when there is 0 people on i try and hope on so there is at least 1 person at all times. I just want to make this the number 1 server in the UK and europe:) And help everyone out to the best i can:D

Would would i do if i won come to your house and like be your bestfriend man as i really want apex like so bad, but i just dont have the money right now. I will love you forever, ive know you for a quite while now and i know how much you help people out man, your just amazing man keep up all the hard work:0) see ya in ts and game:) And i would give £1 million to anyone in the server(mainly for the people that need it just for a start off)



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Made just a million today, selling marijuanas & pot to supply the people with the crop they've been robbed off by the goverment(http://imgur.com/a/6x1Qs)

I joined this community after being told about it since I wanted a fresh new clean start.

And right now I am just chilling with The Game's diss song towards meek mill - I find it funny.

If I was to win APEX, I would go to the rebel outpost to try out the new appearel, vehicles, guns and accessories. And then after that I'd try to find someone to play the scenarios/campaign with.

Best of luck to everyone :D.

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