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In-game Name:


Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


Link to player report:

Lost Items and Estimated Value:

4xSPAR-17 = 0K
3xMK-1 = 0K
5xMk18 = 5K
5xType 115 = 0K
5xAK-12 = 2.5K
2xMk14 = 5K
4xRCO = K
5xMRCO = .5K
5xARCO = .5K
5xAMS = 0K
21x6.5mm 30Rnd Caseless Mag = .5K
18x7.62mm 30Rnd AKM Reload Trace (Yellow) Mag = K
3x6.5 30Rnd Promet Mag = K

Pullout Price (Blackfish): 0K
Pullout Price (HEMTT Fuel): K (Estimated)

\\ GRAND TOTAL: ,969,000 ///

Please provide as much detail as possible:

It's all in the video. I was getting the airdrop, turned around and the entire blackfish with the HEMTT fuel that had all my weapons despawned on me.

Any Evidence Available:


I have no idea why it decided to delete the beginning numbers to the math, but the grand total was $5,969,000.

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