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AzzaG's Origin

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I was born and raised in a land named 'Chernarus'. Me and my family were in this fishing trade in my home village Berezino. I loved to swim, dive and go hunting for clams, mussels and all sorts of other sea life to eat.

I loved my time there, it was ever so peaceful, the community were all friendly... it was just a very beautiful time of my life.


There was a new virus spreading in Chernarus, it was fatal and starting turning people into undead zombies. My whole family were infected bar me as I was out swimming at the time unknowing of what was going on at home.

I got back home to find my parents being eaten alive and I just froze in terror... I picked up my axe out of the tree stump in the garden and brutally executed the zombies, including my family to out them out of their misery.


I went into hiding and had to go on numerous runs into towns and cities for food and weapons. One day I met a group of bandits in a sea village named Solnichy. They went by the name of Bongos and told me they had a ship and they new of a new island that was free of the zombie apocalypse. I was amazed, we were all swimmers and divers it was just the perfect match so I boarded the ship and sailed with them to the new island ALTIS!

However I'm not sure what's worse.... zombies everywhere killing everything in their path or toxic pre-pubescent hobos and police roaming the streets. I still haven't figured it out.


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