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Chapter 1

Greywater is a gang that started a while ago and slipped under the radar for a while. This organisation started as a simple schnapps processing company based in kavala under the name Toni Maceroni. A large group of this organisation discovered very lucrative illegal substances and split off causing a debate and a re branding. Through this struggle Greywater was born and became the number 1 exporter of weed and moonshine. This golden period lasted all of 2 months until we all stopped and retired off the island revisiting every few weeks. I eventually saw the good side of the island and wanted redemption for anyone we killed and for the lives I ruined with our drug trade. Due to this realisation I joined the police. I slowly worked my way through police and persuaded my gang mates to do the same. 

Chapter 2

We worked through the police ranks and others joined our gang. We are so dedicated that we strike out against criminals on the regular - every Saturday nights while off duty. This new hobby of ours has attracted many striving police officers who want to do good and kill stop the bad guys. That brings you up to date, we do legal runs at random intervals and we almost always come out in force for our new hobby.


Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wsigtCXBAjyFfjKzY0OYaSXA_wUg1iDlNOzzPlWmElk/edit?usp=sharing


We are  a  the only gang.

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32 minutes ago, Kaspe said:

Greywater forever!

"Greywater, the only gang" - Everyone


And also...

Greywater isnt a gang. Its a religion ; P

Nah fam , its a death cult


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